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"A Shining Fifty-First Star for Our Flag"

Written by Joyce Robinson Paul | Statehood for D.C. Now Movement

By Joyce Robinson Paul dedicated to the Statehood for D.C. Now Movement (2021)

D.C. fifty-first star
A half million citizens wonder where you are

It should be closer and not so very far
From securing American citizens a shining D.C. star

Many don’t know that D.C. functions as a state
But has no voting representation, what a disgusting fate

“Taxation Without Representation” is so archaic
Why, oh why, do we have to continue to say it

Many D.C. soldiers go off to fight in the war
While the U.S. Senate stalls voting rights and statehood on the floor

Statehood for D.C., that’s the way we should go
Second-class citizenry must be killed on the floor

U.S.A. cites democracy is why we proudly fight

Then deny D.C. taxpayers their basic human right

America, true democracy has to begin today
A star on the flag would be the ultimate hooray

Congress, FREE D.C. and vote us in as a state
Colonial status should not continue to be our fate

“The Last Plantation” must receive representation
Equal protection under the law should not continue to be on vacation

People all over the world think it’s quite a mystery
Statehood for D.C. must be the latest U.S. history

Join in and rally with pride
Equal rights and justice is nothing to hide

We must all get involved
Full democracy and freedom should be worked out and solved

FREE D.C. and stand up for our democracy
Statehood for D.C. would be our ultimate victory

We need a star on the American flag
Yes, we do
We need a star on the American flag
We need a star on the flag

We need a star…

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